Sick Freak Cookie Box


Due to the hand made nature of our buttercream style cookies, shipping nationwide will require overnight shipping cost. We are a local bakery, not equipped to receive reduced rates for mass shipping quantities so it can be costly.

If you would like to place an order for nationwide shipping, it must be overnighted and is estimated to ship out Tuesday- June 9th

If the cost of overnight shipping is above what you would like to pay, we do have a donation button available that will be directly donated to a local LGBTQ+ allied non-profit organization.

44 in stock



Pick up Friday, June 7th 8 AM- 6 PM

QUANTITY- 12 cookies

TRIGGER WARNING: Included in this box are real life hate/ homophobic comments posted on social media in our LOCAL community for nothing more than sharing something pride related.

We as a company, along with many others have received hateful messages/comments, and well… in Rock City fashion, we decided to showcase them on a cookie for a good cause.

If nothing else, to support our local non profits, and encourage young or closeted LGBTQ+ members that the hate they see spewed online is nothing more than a word on a cookie, and we won’t stand for it here.

For every sick freak box that’s sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a couple LOCAL non profits (which we will keep anonymous for now, unless we receive their blessing to post publicly, to avoid more hate spewed towards their mission)

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